“Ruth Whitney’s research and insightful communication strategy helped me wage a winning campaign”

Jim Hood
Attorney General

Jury Selection and Litigation Support

Litigation Support: InVeritas performs the research needed to provide a comprehensive history of litigants, witnesses, experts and other critical participants to the suit. Our experience gives clients a cutting edge advantage through our in depth analysis of personal, business, legal, property, financial and academic records. In addition, we supplement that analysis with comprehensive news, internet and social network research. The result is a litigation resource unrivaled by others and utilized by the top lawyers in the country.

Jury Selection: InVeritas uses its state-of-the-art research and analysis to help our clients select favorable juries. We know that voir dire is critical and decisions must be made quickly and accurately. We enhance the effectiveness of voir dire through polling, mock trials, supplemental voir dire questions and engagement with the legal team (pro hac vice) as the jury pool is assessed and peremptory challenges are exercised.