Inveritas Work Clients


“InVeritas’ polling and focus groups are sophisticated and accurate. But of equal importance, Ruth Whitney’s analysis of data, her strategic advice and counsel, are second to none. She has played a crucial role in fostering a healthy economic climate in Arkansas and paving the way for future successes.”

Randy Zook
Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

Arkansas Constitutional Amendment Campaign

During the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, the Arkansas business community, led by the state Chamber of Commerce, regional economic development groups and business leaders from across the state, wanted to pass amendments at the 2010 ballot box to create economic opportunities and jobs. They turned to Ruth Whitney and the InVeritas Team to get the job done. Amendment 2 removes the interest-rate caps on government bonds, encourages retail lending and enables government entities to issue bonds for energy efficiency projects, while Amendment 3 facilitates economic development by allowing the Legislature to set standards for incentives given to development projects on a case by case basis. While undoubtedly good for Arkansas’ development, the Amendments’ passage were no sure thing, facing skeptical voters in a difficult political climate. InVeritas not only conducted insightful and accurate polling and focus groups, but branded the campaign with a winning message, a call to action for voters to spur commerce, economic development and job creation during tough times. On November 2, 2010, catalyzed by a coherent message and a solid Get Out The Vote strategy, both amendments passed overwhelmingly at the ballot box, setting the stage for sustained growth, and Arkansas’ economic engine to thrive and succeed.