Inveritas Work Clients


“InVeritas’ Ruth Whitney has provided exceptional legal, legislative and strategic brand development expertise and has delivered extremely cost effective support to the expansion of our capital investment in Arkansas.”

Tom Price, Jr.,
Senior Vice President
Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Chesapeake Energy

When Chesapeake Energy began exploring natural gas drilling exploration in Arkansas’ Fayetteville Shale, it turned to Ruth Whitney of InVeritas to help promote development and expand exploration operations in a complicated political and public relations environment. Using opinion research, public outreach and legislative consensus building, team InVeritas’ work over the past three years has helped transform the region into a primary area of exploration for Chesapeake, the number one independent producer of natural gas and most active driller of new wells in the United States. Recognizing the importance of increasing and improving Chesapeake’s profile in Arkansas, Ruth helped develop and implement a comprehensive PR plan, including sponsorships of high visibility events and $100,000 in scholarships to the University of Arkansas. InVeritas has provided Chesapeake with legal, legislative and strategic brand development expertise and delivered cost effective support to the expansion of Chesapeake’s capital investment in Arkansas. And the results haven’t just been good for Chesapeake; a 2008 University of Arkansas Walton School of business study showed a profound economic impact on Arkansas and called the Shale play an “amazing bright spot at a time when bright spots were hard to come by.” The Fayetteville Shale has grown to be the U.S.’s second most productive shale play and Chesapeake is the area’s largest leaseholder.