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Governor Mike Beebe

Mike Beebe served 20 years in the Arkansas State Senate and four years as Attorney General without ever having an opponent on the ballot. But in his 2006 race for Governor, this would change. InVeritas CEO, Ruth Whitney worked closely with Beebe and his staff to prepare the candidate and the campaign for what promised to be a difficult fight. Republicans had held the governorship for 10 years. Incumbent Governor Mike Huckabee was popular. And the Republicans were poised to nominate Asa Hutchinson, a seasoned politician with impressive credentials. Starting with a 20-point deficit in name recognition, Beebe and his team helped devise a strategy to close this gap. On Election Day, Mike Beebe was elected as the first Democratic governor in the 21st century in Arkansas by an impressive 14-point margin, bringing with him Democrats into all the constitutional offices.

Four years later, in the toughest political climate in recent memory, inVeritas provided strategic campaign counsel for Governor Beebe’s re-election. Whitney helped develop and promote the campaign’s key message of Beebe’s first term in office: job creation; tax cuts; and broad improvements to state services and education in Arkansas—all taking place in the most difficult economic times since the Great Depression. On Election Day 2010, Beebe won a second term with the most decisive Democratic Gubernatorial victory in the nation, garnering nearly 65% of the vote in a resounding endorsement of his policies and vision for moving Arkansas forward.