Inveritas Work Clients

Mayor Mark Stodola

InVeritas’ Ruth Whitney has provided multiple services critical to two major Mark Stodola victories: the first, his resounding victory in a four-way race for Little Rock mayor; the second, a convincing ballot initiative victory that brought more power to the position. In what was Little Rock’s most competitive mayoral contest since the 1950’s, Stodola won 48% of the vote in a four-person race—avoiding a runoff many thought was a foregone conclusion. Stodola’s success was due in large part to his background as a former prosecutor and Little Rock city attorney, and his clear articulation of a crime fighting platform. But the work was not done; in an August, 2007 initiative, more than 61% of Little Rock voters awarded the mayor full-time job status and gave him veto power over the city’s Board of Directors. The victory made the mayor the top executive at City Hall, adding much-needed teeth to what was largely viewed as a figure-head position.