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Making Informed Decisions? Why Research is Key!

In today’s technology and internet-driven culture, information has become a vital asset, guiding and directing strategic decisions for marketing and public relations campaigns, corporate strategies, political campaigns, trials, and much more.

inVeritas has perfected a research model and gathers important information for a variety of clients. Our methods yield valuable results.

Here are four ways research can help you:

Understanding Your Customers

Research not only helps increase the customer base, but also helps companies understand their current clients. Through polls, surveys, and focus groups, inVeritas can identify the demographics that should be the focus of a company’s advertising and communications strategies. Questions include social characteristics – such as gender, nationality, and relationship status – while more in-depth questions geared toward the service, product, or campaign can also be asked. This information is extremely valuable in determining how to best use targeted marketing.

Corporate Strategies

Research helps companies make more informed decisions on how to price products and services, how to best market to prospective clients, and even the best time to make a public announcement. We use tools such as polling, surveys, and due diligence to determine the social, political, and economic atmosphere. We identify competitors and determine their strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities and threats. Our marketing and PR team uses this research combined with best practices to design an effective strategy.

Due Diligence

Companies make business decisions on daily basis – including new hires, promotions, strategic partnerships, and more. It is important for decision-makers to have all the facts before making a decision that affects the future of the company. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your decision is valid is to conduct due diligence. Performing a comprehensive background check on a potential employee, board member, or partner will ensure not only that you are getting a high quality individual – but also protect your bottom line in the event that person has run into problems in the past.

Expanding Business & Identifying Future Opportunities

Research can also determine whether or not a business should expand by examining various characteristics such as location, the economy, and competition. It can determine specific practice areas a business should expand or whether it should venture into a new opportunity. This market research identifies demographics, economic climate, competition, and other trends to help companies make informed decisions.

inVeritas is proud to offer a new approach to your research needs. Global i™, our confidential, custom research, is a smart solution for companies and individuals in need of comprehensive, fact-based intelligence. From due diligence background checks to industry market research, our experienced team promptly delivers powerful knowledge and insight to help our clients make well-informed decisions. Learn more at inveritasinfo.com/what-we-do/global-i/