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Week 5 in Review: Arkansas’ 91st General Assembly

The Arkansas Legislature has wrapped up its fifth week of the 91st General Assembly.
  • On Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a bill by a vote of 54-4 requiring out-of-state companies that do not have a physical presence in Arkansas to notify consumers that they owe sales tax. The bill now heads to the Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee for further consideration.
  • House and Senate members filed more than 30 constitutional amendments on Wednesday, the deadline for filing. The filings ranged from a bill that would end the fiscal session in Arkansas to another that would allow Supreme Court justices to be appointed. Only two – one from the House and one from the Senate – will appear on the ballot for Arkansas voters to consider.
  • The Senate Public Health Committee failed to pass Representative Mary Bentley’s Arkansas Health Food Improvement Act, which passed through the House Public Health Committee and the full House last week. The Arkansas Health Food Improvement Act would have prohibited the use of food stamps to be used to purchase food and beverages that have “insufficient nutritional value.” Representative Bentley is not expected to bring the bill back for a second vote.

The House and Senate will reconvene on Monday.


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