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The Important Role of Logos in Presidential Campaigns

Some people believe the political signs that decorate yards and dot freeways every election cycle have a big influence.

Some people even believe these signs can win elections.

But what they really demonstrate is the power of the political logo.

Just like in business, a strong logo is a necessity in politics as well.

A candidate cannot personally connect with voters everywhere and that’s why a campaign’s branding is such a vital part of a campaign.  Logos & branding materials communicate a lot about a candidate, so investing in a strong marketing campaign should be the first step for anyone running for political office.

A politician’s brand should “deliver… a penetrating promise of power that immediately sears his or her virtues into a voter’s brain. That can only be attained with a logo that interacts with a strong slogan,” George Lois – who created ads for Robert Kennedy and Bill Bradley – recently said in an interview for a Wired magazine article, ‘The State of the Modern Political Logo.’

But requiring a political logo to pack such a strong punch is no easy feat.

Most professional graphic designers place President Obama’s logo among the best for its clean design and its ability to capture his campaign’s message of hope.

A rising road, symbolic of the hope Obama campaigned on, surges through an O, a long-held symbol of unity.


While ultimately people vote for candidates, not for logos, a strong logo can successfully communicate the message and values on which they run.

“Almost more important is how that symbol—and the ideas it represents—are embraced and interpreted by your community,” Aaron Perry-Zucker, editor of the 2009 book Design For Obama, said in Wired.

In honor of the current election cycle, Spellbrand recently took a look back at the logos from the last 10 elections. Take a look at how logos have changed since Richard Nixon’s 1968 campaign.

Obama 08

Obama 08

Bush 2000 & 2004


Clinton 1996

Clinton 96

Clinton 1992

Clinton 92

Bush 1988


Reagan 1984


Reagan 1980

Reagan 80

Carter 1976


Nixon 1972

Carter 72

Nixon 1968

Nixon 68

Read more about the different logos at: www.spellbrand.com/top-10-presidential-campaign-logos.

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