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inVeritas Debuts New Product

inVeritas launched a new product, Global i, that compiles fact-based intelligence reports for clients.

By: Sarah Campbell-Miller – Arkansas Business

Public affairs firm inVeritas of Little Rock recently launched a new product called Global i for companies and individuals in need of comprehensive, fact-based intelligence.

CEO Ruth Whitney said Global i is a website that allows the firm’s clients to place orders online and select different options based on their needs. The firm has been working on it for eight months.

Global i can provide clients with a range of products, from social media profile information and education records to court records. Clients can order an advanced background check or other customized research as well. For example, a client could have Global i handle due diligence for a sale or acquisition.

“If you think about it, historically — say, 10 or 15 years ago — businesses, frankly, had difficulty accessing information,” Whitney said. “But, today, the challenge is much different and it’s around the ability to manage information. So being able to really conduct information management and to verify and integrate large volumes of data are what inVeritas and this product, Global i, do on behalf of our clients to meet their needs, to improve their outcomes and to impact their specific challenges.”

She also said the level of customization and the team of professionals who support Global i are unique in a marketplace that mostly offers “canned reports.”