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Make Online Dating Less Surprising with Global i

Dating is hard. Dating during a pandemic is extra hard. Global i can help you feel secure about your choices, by vetting your potential match before the first date.

Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more singles are turning to dating apps to find a potential match. OKCupid saw a 700% increase in dates from March to May 2020.  In March of 2020, Tinder hit an all-time high on swipes.  Over 30 million people in the US utilize online dating, and that number is expected to grow by another 5 million in the next three years.

Unlike the typical meet-cute, where you have a friend in common to vouch for your potential match’s character, online dating is typically a shot in the dark.  You likely don’t know anything about the person or have any mutual connections to ask questions.  Usually, all you have to go off of is a name and a photo.

So, how do you vet people before dates?  60% of online dating users admit to creeping their potential match on social media prior to their first date.  Although, admittedly social media is a useful tool for checking out your potential match, it doesn’t give much insight into someone’s true behavior or personality.

What might your potential match be hiding?

Are they 5 years older than their profile said they were? Are they wanted in 3 states for armed robbery? Did their ex-spouse disappear under mysterious circumstances?

We jest.  But seriously, you might want to know if they’re married, or have a criminal background, or a terrifying driving record.

Global i can help ease your concerns.  Our fast and affordable background checks can put your mind at ease and help prevent dating disasters.

Marriage History

People aren’t always honest on dating apps.  Actually, 71% of online dating users think it’s pretty common for people to lie about themselves on the app.  So, asking if someone is single may not get you an honest response.  We can research marriage history, review any previous divorce proceedings, and give you a full report so you aren’t left wondering if your date is telling the truth about their relationship status.

Criminal History

We’re not saying people can’t change, we’re just saying you should do your research to know what you’re getting into.  Imagine going on a date only to find out the person was arrested three months prior for abusing their spouse or children?  Not ideal.  A full criminal history search can reveal red flags regarding past violent behaviors, stalking, stealing, etc.

Driving Record

If you start dating someone, it’s likely you’ll eventually end up sitting in the passenger seat of their vehicle.  Are they a safe driver?  You can find out.  A driving record search can reveal any speeding tickets or reckless driving as well as any DUIs, charges for driving without insurance, etc.  Let Global i assist your seatbelt and keep you safe.

Political Affiliation

Let’s be honest, politics are pretty divisive right now.  According to a Glamour magazine survey, 47% of people wouldn’t date someone with different political beliefs than their own.  You could either have a heated argument over dinner or find out in advance that you probably don’t see eye to eye.  Your choice.  Global i can review voting records and other information to let you know if your potential match swings right or left.

Financial Information

Sure, it’s just one date to start, but eventually you may decide you want to settle down with this potential match.  When things get serious, you’ll probably want to know if they’ve been involved in fraud, filed for bankruptcy, or any other actions that could affect their financial soundness.  Let us help you find out what you need to know before you invest your time.

Global i Can Help

As the pandemic continues, online dating may be the best option for meeting potential dates.  But, the process doesn’t have to be filled with surprises.  Global i can help ease your concerns.  Our background check packages range from $50 to $200.  Click here to get started.


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