Our Work

Clients turn to inVeritas because of our ability to solve complex challenges, manage crisis, improve market share and deliver successful results.

A.D. Maddox Studios

inVeritas has experience working with different clients to increase their social media presence and turn that awareness into profits. A.D. Maddox, an artist known for her colorful art depicting fly-fishing scenes and outdoor canvases, sought expertise to reach the right audience. With inVeritas’ targeted approach, Maddox’s social media following increased by more than 6,000 and continues to grow. In just a few months, inVeritas increased audience interactions and traffic by over 400 percent through targeted marketing on Facebook. Engagement on Instagram and Twitter also soared, increasing by over 300 percent.

“inVeritas has helped expand my brand through public relations, digital media, and targeting marketing. Their creative team combines a high level of professionalism with enthusiasm and innovative thinking, which has allowed them to introduce and promote my art to over 6,000 online users in six short months.” – A.D. Maddox