Our Work

Clients turn to inVeritas because of our ability to solve complex challenges, manage crisis, improve market share and deliver successful results.


Chesapeake Energy

Research, Strategy and Media in Four Shale Plays


When Chesapeake Energy began natural gas drilling exploration in Arkansas’ Fayetteville Shale, it turned to inVeritas to help promote development and expand exploration operations in a complicated political and public relations environment. Using opinion research, public outreach and legislative consensus building, inVeritas helped transform the region into a primary area of exploration for Chesapeake, the number one independent producer of natural gas and most active driller of new wells in the United States.

From 2006-2012, inVeritas provided Chesapeake with legal, legislative and strategic brand development expertise and delivered cost-effective support to the expansion of Chesapeake’s capital investment in Arkansas. The Fayetteville Shale grew to be the U.S.’s second most productive shale play and Chesapeake became the area’s largest leaseholder. inVeritas also provided market research and developed strategic plans in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Following Chesapeake’s sale of its shale assets to BHP Billiton in 2012, inVeritas was engaged by BHP and continues to provide the above services to date.

Civic Source


Civic Source, the leading online marketplace for auctioning and purchasing tax-delinquent assets, engaged inVeritas to assist with the rollout and engagement of its services nationwide. In the first six months of the agreement, inVeritas secured the commitment of the Arkansas State Land Commissioner and his incumbent to pilot and implement Civic Source’s platform statewide. In Missouri, inVeritas engaged the St. Louis County Revenue Collector for potential service delivery.

Hawthorn Group

Research, Digital Strategy, and Engagement with Public Officials


The Hawthorn Group, an international public affairs firm, engaged inVeritas to provide research, government relations and digital support for a four state renewable energy campaign in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Our team provides critical intelligence for the campaign, including legal research and due diligence on key regulatory matters, stakeholders and competitors. inVeritas developed and implemented a robust digital and social media campaign to advocate for the project. In addition, inVeritas engaged with key legislators, government officials and regulatory agencies to influence favorable decisions on behalf of the project.


Cyber Engagement and Business Development


Kroll is a New York-based corporate investigations and risk consulting firm providing cyber risk assessment, incident response, computer forensics, IT security risk mitigation, and data breach preparedness and response services. Kroll also offers insurance consulting and risk management services.

Kroll initially engaged inVeritas to promote its cyber services to the State of Arkansas. inVeritas assisted in the passage of legislation to create a contract vehicle for Kroll services and advised Kroll on the development of a successful and innovative proposal in response to the State of Arkansas’ cybersecurity initiatives RFP.

Kroll’s comprehensive approach presented an integrated solution addressing the state’s cybersecurity needs with a full suite of services from cyber risk assessment to cyber insurance policy placement. Kroll partnered with Ridge Global, a risk advisory firm, and Risk Cooperative, a Lloyd’s of London Cyber Coverholder and insurance provider, to deliver a comprehensive cyber assessment to the state, which was used to provide a roadmap for remediation and guidance in the development of a statewide cyber insurance program.

Following this success, Kroll engaged inVeritas to provide nationwide business development consulting for Kroll’s cyber risk services. inVeritas identified and developed opportunities in Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and North Dakota. In addition, our team developed a national strategy for engaging with the National Governor’s Association (including RGA and DGA), the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO), the National Attorney Generals’ Association and the National Association of State Insurance Commissioners. inVeritas leadership provided introductions and membership services to promote Kroll’s brand before the public and private sector.

Northrop Grumman

Contract Renewal & Expansion and Relationship Development


For over nine years, inVeritas worked on behalf of Northrop Grumman in five states to manage and provide business analysis support for potential new business opportunities in health and human services focused areas. In addition, our team evaluated the viability of business opportunities and specific programs and assisted in the preparation of inputs to business and strategic plans.

In addition, inVeritas provided advice and recommendations to NG regarding key state decision-makers and prepared NG leadership for meetings with state representatives, committee members, state agency department directors, and other governor cabinet members for the purposes of gathering information on customer system support requirements and sharing NG support strategies. As a result, NG was awarded significant contracts in AR, LA, TN and RI.

Youth and Family Centered Services

Contract Renewal and Expansion of Outpatient and Inpatient Services to FINS, Foster Care Kids


Youth and Family Centered Services, Inc. (YFCS) provided behavioral health, education, and support services for abused and neglected adults, children, and adolescents. The company’s services include residential treatment care, community-based services, acute care, specialized education services, therapeutic group homes, therapeutic foster care, and medical and behavioral services. For over four years, inVeritas worked as a general public affairs consultant in Arkansas and Mississippi and provided advice and counsel through its acquisition by Acadia Healthcare. In Arkansas, inVeritas worked to secure multi-year contracts with the Department of Human Services and to deliver a favorable methodology for its Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility before the Health Services Permitting Agency.

In Mississippi, inVeritas provided legislative and executive strategy and prepared YFCS leadership for budget and policy meetings with state representatives, committee members, and executive leaders from education and Medicaid, among others. As a result of our work, YFCS Millcreek resolved a budget cap and appropriation issue and received Special Education (SPED) funding from the Mississippi Department of Education and its school districts.