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Thanksgiving 2019—Five Reasons To Be Thankful Involving Politics

To celebrate the 2019 Thanksgiving Season, we created a fun list of the reasons to be thankful related to politics. That’s not something you see every day, so we hope you enjoy the list!

1. The filing period is over. The filing period for Arkansas ended November 12. If you’re running for office, you know who your opponent or opponents will be, and there’s something to be said for knowing who you’re up against. If no one else filed, that’s REALLY something to be thankful for! If you’re not running for office, you can take solace that no prospective candidates will be asking you to sign their petition – which they need to do if they file without a filing fee. For political junkies, it’s less than three months until February 17, 2020, when early voting for the primary elections begins.

2. We’re less than two months before the Gillett Coon Supper. When preparing your mind and body for the deliciousness of countless family meals and holiday parties in the coming weeks, our advice is to save your appetite and hold off on the NYE resolutions until after January 11, 2020. That’s the date of the Gillett Coon Super! This legendary political event is a pre-requisite for any politico. Most importantly, it raises money for a great cause—scholarships for local students. If the greasy goodness of raccoon isn’t on your dietary wish list, stop by the pre-party and join all the other folks who scratched the actual event off their calendar.

3. Hoops for Kids’ Sake is not far away. If March basketball is your thing, remember that there’s a game in Little Rock during legislative sessions that will never be mistaken for the Final Four. The annual Hoops for Kids’ Sake, pitting the Arkansas House of Representatives against the Arkansas Senate – plus celebrity guests and ringers — benefits another great cause—Boys and Girls Clubs in Central Arkansas. Trust me, it’s worth attending just to see public servants shooting air balls and missing uncontested layups. But be forewarned: you won’t be able to un- see some of the clothing choices.

4. The 2020 national elections will be here before you know it. The presidency, one-third of the US Senate, and the entire US House will be contested on November 3, 2020 in the United States’ 59th quadrennial election. Arkansas’ six electoral votes are part of the prize. As we all know, 2020 should bring a spirited contest with more enthusiasm than usual. Presidential elections are the Super Bowl, nay . . . the World Cup, of the political world. Grab your popcorn and hold on tight because it promises to be entertaining.

5. Bi-partisanship agreement. Last on our list is something Democrats and Republicans can agree on during the Thanksgiving season. Successful politicians of both parties should be delighted – and very thankful – that we do not have radio talk shows about Arkansas politics with the audience or the influence of those devoted to college sports. Most probably will also agree that they are thankful not to be the Head Football Coach of the Razorbacks this season. Public service requires making tough decisions and being critiqued by constituents and observers, but it pales in comparison to what Coach Morris encountered.

We hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Thanksgiving and you are able to spend quality time with those you care about. We’re particularly thankful for those that protect us and enable us to enjoy our freedoms.