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With decades of experience, inVeritas is the firm of choice for global companies – a recognized advisor and trusted resource for delivering critical intelligence and proven solutions to address complex business challenges.



Our highly experienced consulting team designs actionable strategies to help clients achieve tangible results. With extensive legal, regulatory and government relations experience, our consultants evaluate performance, assess business practices, develop critical capabilities and deliver value by achieving compliance, uncovering opportunities and solving unique problems.

We specialize in administrative and compliance areas typically outside the normal course of business for organizations. As a result, we are in a unique position to provide meaningful insights and a broad range of capabilities, including deep industry knowledge of healthcare, energy, tax, public finance, procurement, transportation, information technology and cyber security.

COMPLIANCE.  Businesses and organizations regularly conduct activities requiring compliance with unfamiliar state and local laws, procedures or licenses. Our consultants assess business changes, determine government compliance needs, and facilitate permitting, reporting, or payment requirements. In the event of a new law or regulation affecting a particular industry, we help companies and organizations ensure compliance by providing a thorough analysis and explanation of the new laws and/or regulations.

In the case of an audit, tax assessment or potential violation of a regulatory or licensing requirement, our consultants help clients navigate the regulatory process with minimal interference to business operations.

In pursuing solutions to problems, we work to safeguard our clients’ rights. Often, we are able to resolve issues as they develop in the audit process and can avoid formal assessments or costly appeals. In the event an appeal is necessary, we make sure all procedural requirements are followed to preserve rights to appeal and provide all relevant information to ensure the most favorable outcome.

DUE DILIGENCE.  Comprehensive due diligence is essential as companies consider a transition, including a merger or acquisition. Our research team identifies potentially undisclosed tax liabilities or licensing irregularities to prevent liabilities or compliance issues that may create financial burdens. We also provide thorough background research and analysis on the target business.

inVeritas strives to protect our clients’ anonymity while working with government agencies. Our professionals are trained in tailoring information requests to gather the most relevant and advantageous information without jeopardizing business dealings or garnering unwarranted scrutiny.

IDENTIFYING NEW BUSINESS. inVeritas experts assist clients with business planning to identify opportunities for existing or new businesses, assist with procurement processes and provide advice to minimize compliance burdens and prevent unnecessary taxes.

We conduct a thorough review of our clients’ current business environment to identify opportunities for expansion or to take advantage of available tax exemptions, economic incentives and tax credits. We assess relevant regulatory requirements and tax laws, and, if warranted, develop and implement strategies to change them.

Government procurement processes are often complex and seen as a barrier to market entry. inVeritas’ experienced team can ease the burden by helping organizations work through the requirements and comply with proper procedure to develop winning bids and proposals. Our team is trained to monitor and manage the bureaucratic process to ensure our clients receive an informed and impartial decision from the purchasing agency.

We provide high quality service to our clients through our team’s extensive knowledge and experience. Clients can depend on inVeritas to provide prompt, professional and thorough assistance for complex business challenges. 

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