What We Do

With decades of experience, inVeritas is the firm of choice for global companies – a recognized advisor and trusted resource for delivering critical intelligence and proven solutions to address complex business challenges.

Coalition Building &


COALITION & ISSUE ADVOCACY. Whether it’s organizing high-level meetings with key decision makers or building legislative coalitions behind important issues, inVeritas knows how to advocate public policy and execute legislative solutions even in the most difficult political climates. With years of experience at various levels of government, the inVeritas team knows first-hand how the process works and how to effect change.

GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNS. At inVeritas, we know business executives, community leaders, legislators, and individuals can join together with one voice and impact policy in powerful ways. We work with clients to build grassroots campaigns in a structure specific to the client’s goals and needs. We develop targeted strategies, including community outreach, field and volunteer management fundraising, letter writing, organizational meetings, signature gathering, and public relations and digital media. We work to connect our message with key decision makers and influence change on the local, state, and national level.