What We Do

With decades of experience, inVeritas is the firm of choice for global companies – a recognized advisor and trusted resource for delivering critical intelligence and proven solutions to address complex business challenges.

Jury Selection and

Litigation Support

inVeritas’ approach to jury selection is distinctive and superior. We combine best practices from a variety of disciplines with proven success.

COMMUNITY SURVEYS. Our polls of jury-eligible individuals are customized to probe the underlying attitudes of each case. Our sampling, measurement, and analysis have been developed from 30 years of experience at the highest levels.

MOCK TRIALS. Mock trials help our clients establish effective trial strategies and overall themes and narratives. We assess alternative ways of handling opening and closing statements, critical pieces of evidence, key witnesses and the most effective graphics to be used in the trial.

CASE-SPECIFIC INTELLIGENCE. We conduct a comprehensive history of litigants, witnesses, experts, counsel and other participants to the suit. In addition, once the court distributes completed juror questionnaires, we utilize state-of-the-art search programs to gather intelligence about each prospective juror, including personal and business records, legal history, property records, media and social network activity.

INTEGRATED SELECTION MODEL™ Using the most advanced statistical techniques, quantitative data is integrated with information from mock trials, case intelligence and responses to juror questionnaires to populate a state-of-the-art model of choice. Rather than merely seeing poll results by demographic categories or an amorphous “ideal juror,” our clients receive an integrated choice model with a unique score for each member of the venire and a decision matrix strategy for selecting the most favorable jury.

JUROR SUMMARIES + FINAL JURY PROFILE. Clients remark that our unique summaries cut through the clutter and expedite review. We color code key facts and refine critical information based on each juror’s assigned score. Once a final jury is selected, we provide a full profile for each juror and a schematic showing their seat in the jury box.

JUROR SURVEY + VOIR DIRE QUESTIONS. To more closely link our predictive model to decisions about individual jurors, we provide questions for court-distributed juror questionnaires as well as for panel and individual-level voir dire. Our licensed attorneys participate in bench consultations on jury-related issues and in-camera examinations of individual jurors.

MONITORING. Once the jury is selected, we observe the jury and alternates for their reactions to presentations of the case, key witnesses, and critical evidence. We continue to monitor their activity to ensure they are complying with the protocol established by the court.

OTHER TRIAL SERVICES. In addition to our jury selection consulting, we provide a number of other services essential to successful litigation including quantitative and statistical analysis, witness preparation and public relations strategy and implementation.