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Six Tips for Delivering a Memorable Presentation

The inVeritas team excels at preparing our clients for successful presentations.

Whether you are prepping for a press conference, presenting investment or annual reports or testifying before the legislature – the key is to over prepare and practice, practice, practice.

“A presentation can make or break a business pitch, said Nathan Green, inVeritas Vice President of Public Relations. Make sure to deliver the presentation out loud in front of your co-workers or peers – and ask them to give honest feedback. This will result in a more engaging and effective presentation.”

Follow these six tips to improve your public speaking style:

  • Know your audience

If possible, research your audience before you speak to understand who is in the room and why they are there. A little background information can take you a long way.

  • Pay attention to your habits

Your physical appearance – including your non-verbal communication—matters. Avoid those habits that plague so many people, such as constantly moving your hands (it reveals your anxiety). Try holding a pen, paper, or a remote for a PowerPoint/video if this habit proves tough to break.

  • Get personal

Don’t be afraid to give your own anecdotes. It helps the audience relate to you – and who doesn’t love a good story?

  • The length of your presentation does not reflect its success

Always speak like you are telling a story, but avoid memorizing. Know your subject matter and speak about it with authority.

  • Add visuals

A crowd often loses focus on your presentation after 15 minutes. Adding a slideshow, charts/graphs, or simple handouts will maintain the audience’s interest. Encourage audience participation by opening up the floor to questions.

  • Strong beginnings and endings

A solid beginning is as important as a strong closing.  Leave your audience with something they will remember.


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