What We Do

With decades of experience, inVeritas is the firm of choice for global companies – a recognized advisor and trusted resource for delivering critical intelligence and proven solutions to address complex business challenges.

Global i

Global i is the Smart Solution When You Need Accurate & Reliable Information Fast

Why Global i?

Our research is conducted by trained professionals – attorneys, researchers, and subject experts. We personally verify the accuracy of each result while other services simply provide unverified results from automated online databases.

We provide vital intelligence to protect you and your business, help mitigate risk and give you an edge when making crucial decisions.

BACKGROUND CHECKS. Our innovative due diligence background checks give you the tools to effectively make smarter decisions fast.

Basic background checks start at $50 and can be customized for additional fees. Advanced checks include comprehensive research reports and start at $200.

CUSTOMIZED RESEARCH. Our research can be customized based on the unique needs of our clients. We will tailor a research solution just for you.

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