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Use These 6 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

Social media’s influence is unquestionable, and while there are brands and politicians who seemed to have mastered communicating through social media, a quick refresher in the basics is always important.


Inc.com recently offered their 11 rules to never forget for social media marketing, and we selected our top six.

  1. Always publish quality content: People want there to be some benefit from following your account. If it doesn’t offer something of value, you’ll quickly find yourself losing followers.
  2. Be consistent: Social media marketing can only work if you’re consistent. At inVeritas, we recommend our clients post daily on their favored social media platforms. The less you post, the less return you will see. Conversely, if you post on a regular basis, your fans will keep you top of mind and think of you as an industry expert.
  3. Advertise: At inVeritas, we constantly tell our clients how important this is. It’s not enough to just post regularly – although that is important (See rule #2)! Ads allow you to connect with new fans and to promote your content.
  4. Own a few platforms: The social media landscape has gotten very crowded very quickly. There’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, not to mention LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and the hottest platform going: Snapchat. Instead of trying to manage all of these – and making yourself crazy in the process – find the platforms that appeal to your target market. Does your company have a great visual product? Instagram is likely a great place for you. Looking to connect with other similar businesses and professionals? Focus on LinkedIn.
  5. Know Your Analytics: It’s important to know how many people you are reaching and how many impressions you are generating. Regularly studying your analytics will allow you to better understand what types of posts generate the most engagements and help you find a strategy that’s most successful for your brand.
  6. Continue to evolve: If there’s one thing we’ve learned about social media, it’s that nothing stays the same. There are new platforms and new techniques being introduced all the time. Yesterday’s favorite isn’t necessarily today’s, so it’s a good idea to always be learning about the latest social media best practices.

You can read Inc.com’s full article at http://www.inc.com/john-lincoln/11-absolute-truths-of-social-media-marketing.html. For other successful social media strategies, contact us at info@inveritasinfo.com or call 501-954-7878 – or better yet, visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.