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Google Predicts Your Smartphone is About to Get Smarter

Do you ever feel like your phone is smarter than you?

Get ready: Google predicts our phones will only get smarter – and make us more reliant on our devices than we already are.



Our phones already save us on a daily basis. They serve as our alarm clocks, store our photos and hold our contacts – does anyone remember phone numbers anymore? – in addition to sending us important notifications and setting reminders.

It’s no wonder that a recent Time magazine report found that the average person looks at their phone 46 times a day.

But in the future, our devices will better understand how we operate, even anticipating our needs. Here are three of Google’s predictions:

1. Keeping Us on Track and On Time, Every Time

Right now, smartphones and their apps can tell the best route home so we avoid traffic on the evening commute.

What they can’t currently do is predict events and respond to them effectively. Imagine your phone senses that you’re running late for a meeting, so it pings your colleagues with an updated ETA. Or, as you head into a meeting, the device automatically starts taking notes when you get there.

Because smartphones are already portable and equipped with geolocation capabilities, the next step in building off these features will be detecting where you are and delivering what you need at that time and place. As Rich Rao write for Fast Company, “You’ll no longer need to search or wait for information—it will find you, then let you take action in ways you probably never thought possible on a handheld screen.

2. Work Remotely, Laptop-Free

Technology is quickly making the traditional 9-to-5 work week a thing of the past.

Fast Company recently reported that the number of people working from home jumped from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015.

Smartphones and other technology will be part of the tools that allow this trend to continue. Voice transcription will fix grammatical errors more accurately than ever. These programs will allow business to be done entirely by speech, eliminating the need for a sprawling keyboard or even a screen.

Other improvements to these already-smart devices will continue to make other acts simpler, from setting up meetings and preparing presentations to organizing files.

3. Crunch Those Numbers for You

Most of us rely on our smartphones as our go-to calculators, figuring the sale price on an item or the amount to leave for a tip. But Google predicts we’ll soon be using our phones for more complicated work, including generating reports or updating budgets in real time.

Although mind-boggling to image today, the technology of the future will help us finish assignments with greater ease and accuracy, let us work from just about anywhere and help us make better decisions through stronger data.

It won’t happen overnight, but the changes will be substantial. Think back just 20 years, when cell phones were a rarity. It would have been almost impossible to imagine in 1996 the ways our lives would transform through technology.

Want to learn more? Read Fast Company’s full article at: www.fastcompany.com/3058530/the-future-of-work/3-ways-google-predicts-your-smartphone-will-change-the-future-of-work

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