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inVeritas Launches Website for Global i Research Platform

inVeritas CEO Ruth Whitney announced the launch of a new website and digital platform for its trademarked research product Global i.

Global iTM is an economical solution for companies and individuals in need of comprehensive, fact-based intelligence – such as background checks and due diligence reports.

Global i offers customized research options like reputational due diligence, policy briefings, Freedom of Information Act requests, legal research, fact checking, self and opposition research, and market research.

“Our goal is to provide a professional, user-friendly resource for individuals and businesses interested in conducting comprehensive background checks online,” said Whitney. “Our website allows customers to order and receive results quickly through our automated platform.”

Basic background checks start at $50 and can be customized for additional fees. Advanced checks include comprehensive research reports and start at $200.

“What differentiates Global i from our competitors is that our team consists of attorneys and other research professionals who personally verify the accuracy of all information in our reports,” said inVeritas Vice President of Research Kelly Sullivan. “Many companies simply provide unverified results from automated online databases.”

For more information, please visit https://global-i.info.