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Market Research: Why You Shouldn’t Make Marketing Decisions Without It

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the development of a successful marketing campaign is relying on assumptions or hunches to justify strategic decisions.

In order to effectively position your brand and create distinctive, meaningful messaging, it’s important to do your research – evaluate the market, competition and audience you’re targeting.

Learning what the consumer believes, needs, and wants can help to create and market your products. Conversely, maintaining a conversation with current users of a certain product can help a company become aware of any issues that need improvement or product aspects that customers appreciate.

In addition, knowing your competitors and what sets you apart gives you the opportunity to play up and highlight your strengths.

Surveys and opinion research have long been used effectively to pinpoint the specific aspects of a product or campaign that will resonate most with consumers.

At inVeritas, we can tailor a variety of research services including due diligence, surveys, individual interviews, focus groups, and polling.

With a clear picture of the competition as well as your target audience’s needs, motivations, and behavior, inVeritas will help your business make informed decisions to compete successfully within the target market.

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