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Bell & Company

Bell & Company, a regional public accounting and business advisory firm based in North Little Rock, provides expert accounting and financial services to clients throughout Arkansas. inVeritas assisted Bell & Company with an initiative to modify the way LLCs, S corporations and other income pass through entities are taxed.

The proposal sought to protect Arkansas businesses from increases in federal taxes due to recent tax law changes – with no cost to the state. Bell and Company presented the proposal to the Tax Reform and Relief Task Force, which is working to improve the Arkansas tax system.

inVeritas provided expert explanation and assistance – including one-on-one discussions with task force members and formal testimony to the committee. After considerable deliberation, the task force adopted the Bell and Company proposal, named PET for Pass Through Entity Tax, for the final task force recommendation report.

“inVeritas’ advice and counsel was vital to the success of our initiative,” said Richard Bell, President and CEO of Bell & Company. “Their knowledge of Arkansas tax law and the legislative process gave us an avenue to support legislation that will result in significant federal income tax savings for Arkansas businesses.”