What We Do

With decades of experience, inVeritas is the firm of choice for global companies – a recognized advisor and trusted resource for delivering critical intelligence and proven solutions to address complex business challenges.


Public Opinion

inVeritas has extensive experience in complex research projects, from advanced legal analysis to nationally recognized polling and focus groups.  A specialized research plan is crafted based on each client’s particular goal, ensuring the final product provides a clear direction for decision makers. inVeritas’ research team utilizes intelligence tools and research techniques to deliver reliable results.

FOCUS GROUPS & IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS. Focus groups and in-depth interviews are the perfect qualitative tools to explore attitudes and perceptions about a particular issue, company, or product. inVeritas’ skilled moderators have conducted multi-faceted focus groups and in-depth interviews throughout the country. We tailor each project to engage participants and capture their views on tough, important questions. Armed with the research, we formulate a comprehensive strategy and  compelling messages to meet our clients’ objectives.

POLLING. Insight gained from polling is the foundation of any successful corporate or political campaign. From baseline and tracking polls, to ad testing and product awareness, inVeritas provides the accurate, insightful results needed to execute winning strategies and develop messages that drive results.

We design opinion research programs that enable us to measure existing public opinion and to analyze the public’s perception of a brand. The results of our polls tell our clients not only what respondents believe, but also identify the messages and approaches that will be most effective in shaping public opinion. We then integrate this information into strategies that bring real results.